IVFDF Venues

The three sites that we are using are:

The Lee Westwood Sports Centre is where you will collect your tickets from and where all evening and late night dancing will occur. The community centres will be used for workshops and indoor camping.

If you are planning on driving to the festival, please supply the registration plate when you book your tickets. This has been requested by the Clifton Campus to help them manage onsite parking.

If you are travelling on public transport, you can get to the Lee Westwood Sports Centre from Nottingham Station on the number 1 bus (navy line), alighting at Clifton Green. Enter Clifton Campus through the South Gate. It’s about a 5 minute walk. There’s also the number 4 bus , which stops inside the Campus, on Fridays.

To travel between venues, use the 48 bus route (navy). You can get this one from the station too.
The stop for Queen's Walk is Houseman Gardens - from there, it's a one minute walk to the community centre.
The stop for Clifton Campus is Fabis Drive - from there, it’s a 17 minute walk to the sports centre.
The stop for Highbank is Southchurch Drive Holy Trinity - from there, it's a 2 minute walk to the community centre.
The timetable for the 48 can be found here
A map of the route is shown below

Map of the 48 route with venues

These buses are run by NCT and so are covered by the NCT festival ticket on their app. All NCT buses have next stop audio and visual announcements to help you know where your stop is. There's also a range of journey assistance cards available on their website that will make travel easier for people with hidden disabilities. Check it out here

Both community centres are also on the Phoenix Park-Clifton South tram line, which will take you into the city centre. The stop for Highbank is Holy Trinity and the stop for Queen’s Walk is (helpfully) called Queen’s Walk. Please note that the trams are not run by NCT and so not covered by the offer.