Important information

For various reasons, there are some things that we are having to do a little differently this year. Please take note of the following points:

General Information


Details will be confirmed later but registration will happen at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre on NTU's Clifton Campus.

The venue has asked for us to supply them with the registration plate numbers of cars belonging to festival-goers so please provide this information when you book your ticket.


Stewards are our eyes and ears on the ground - the people who check wristbands, help direct lost people and generally keep everyone safe and happy. Here’s why you should consider volunteering to be a steward at IVFDF 2020:

To sign up for stewarding, please follow this link: Click Here!

Reps Meeting

Coming Soon!


The Lee Westwood Sports Centre have a policy where only water can be brought into their sports halls. Please don't try to bring alcohol into venues where it isn't allowed.

Morris Tour

Coming Soon!

Scratch Band

Practice time TBC.

Joshua Rowe from Sheffield has agreed to lead the scratch band. Music will be uploaded for those who would like to practice in advance soon.


There are showers at the Clifton Campus - we will have access to the building until 2am so there should be enough time to squeeze a shower in!


Our sleeping venues are at Highbank Community Centre in Clifton and Queen's Walk Community Centre at the Meadows.


Since both of our sleeping venues will also be workshop venues and will therefore be stewarded all the time, you can leave your luggage at the side of the room in the sleeping venue. Please try to ensure it doesn't encroach too much on the dancing space!


On the Clifton Campus, there is a Student Union shop open 11-6 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday and a kitchen diner open until 9pm. There are also vending machines in the sports hall in case you need a quick snack. We are currently liaising with local restaurants to see if we can get discounts for IVFDF-goers - watch this space!


Nottingham City Transport have very generously agreed to provide an IVFDF bus ticket via their app. If you buy this ticket, you will be able to get 3 days of transport on Nottingham City buses for the price of 2. We're really excited to be able to work with local companies to provide transport for festival-goers

Watch this space for more discounts!