Important information

For various reasons, there are some things that we are having to do a little differently this year. Please take note of the following points:

Coronavirus guidelines

The risk to IVFDF from COVID-19 (the coronavirus) remains low, and we plan for the festival to go ahead. However, if you have recently travelled to the UK from abroad and meet the government's criteria for self-isolation, we would ask you not to attend the festival. We will refund your ticket cost if this is the case. The current criteria are as follows, but may be updated at

You should self-isolate if you have returned from:

(information correct as of 1.3.2020)

General Information


Tickets will be available for collection from the Lee Westwood Sports Centre on Clifton Campus from 6PM.

The venue has asked for us to supply them with the registration plate numbers of cars belonging to festival-goers so please provide this information when you book your ticket.

Once you’ve got your wristband(s), here’s what you might want to know.


Alcohol cannot be brought into the Lee Westwood Sports Centre sports halls.


Everyone attending the festival has a right to feel safe. Please treat all festival attendees and volunteers with kindness and respect. If someone else’s behaviour is making you uncomfortable, please report it to one of our stewards.

Cash points

There is an ATM on Clifton Campus, 3 minutes’ walk from our main venues. The nearest ATM to Highbank is on Southchurch Drive, a 10 minute walk away. The nearest ATM to Queen’s Walk is at the Co-op, a 4 minute walk away.


Children are welcome at IVFDF. We have some special rules to keep children safe—for more information, check out our safeguarding policy


If you need to get hold of the committee urgently, we have a phone that will be in the possession of a member of the committee at all times during the festival. The number is 07951429696


Donations to support the festival can be made at the front desk.


You can find food on the Clifton Campus in the following places:

  1. There is a shop on campus, the NTSU Clifton Express . This will be open until 8pm on Friday, 11am– 6pm on Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday.
  2. The diner on campus (The Point) will be open until 9pm on Friday and 10am-9pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. The bar on campus (also at The Point) will be open until 10pm on Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday and 10am-11pm on Sunday
  4. There are vending machines in the Sports Centre in case you need a quick snack.

We’ve also secured discounts for festival-goers to local cafes and pubs. Click here for more information

Late Night Dancing

Late Night Dancing needs to wind down around 1:30am in order to ensure that we’re all out of the sports centre by 2am.

Lost property

If you find something, please give it to your nearest steward. If you lose something, please report it to the front desk and we will do our best to reunite you with it.


IVFDF T shirts are on sale at the front desk. Online pre-orders can also be collected from here.

Morris tour

This will take place on Saturday in Nottingham City Centre outside four pubs: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, The Castle, The Bell and The Lillie Langtry’s. Here's a handy map

The official schedule for the morris tour is here


You should have provided your numberplate when you bought your ticket if you were planning on driving. Please be aware that parking on the Friday is very limited.


If you are not a member of the photosquad, we ask that you do not take photos in dances or workshops. Designated members of our official photosquad can be identified by their badges. If you wish to be excluded from photos, please introduce yourself to a member of the committee; we will review all photos before they are made public and delete photos where you are identifiable.


If you’re interested in the finer points of our policies, click here


Programmes are available from the front desk. An interactive schedule can be found here, or you can download a pdf copy of the programme here.

Public transport

Nottingham City Transport have arranged a special festival bus ticket for us - 3 days of transport for the price of 2. Under ‘Mobile Tickets’, select ‘Special Tickets’, then choose the option ‘Cityrider—IVFDF Festival’. You will be able to get 3 days of unlimited travel for £8.40.

For more information about how to get to our venues, click here.

Quiet room

During the evening dances, the conference room can be used as a quiet room.

Reps meeting

This will take place in the conference room in workshop slot 3. We encourage all student societies to send two reps to this meeting. Other people are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion - subject to space!

Scottish Country Dance

The programme for the Saturday evening Scottish Country Dance is here.

Scratch band

Practice time for the scratch band is 9am on the Saturday and 12pm on the Sunday. Bring an instrument. Joshua Rowe from Sheffield has agreed to lead the scratch band. For those of you who would like the dots in advance, click here


In the Lee Westwood Sport Centre, there are communal showers that are reserved for us and showers with a little more privacy attached to the gym. We will have access to the building until 2am so there should be time to get clean!

Sleeping venues

Our indoor camping venues are the two community centres. When you collect your wristbands, you will be asked to choose a sleeping venue to make sure all the venues have sufficient space. If the distance to Queen’s Walk isn’t a problem for you, please choose that one to enable people who need to be in the closer venue to indoor camp in Highbank. Queen’s Walk will also be our designated early sleeping venue.

Sleeping venues will be open from 10pm on both nights. As they are workshop venues, they will need to be in a state that workshop leaders can set up by 8:30am.


Stalls will be up near the conference room overlooking Sports Hall 1 in the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.


Stewards will be easily identifiable by their black and green T shirts. These awesome people will be helping to keep everyone safe and happy. Please listen to them and obey any instructions they give you.


Both of our sleeping venues will also be workshop venues and have lockable space you can leave belongings when the rooms are not in use.There are also lockers in the Lee Westwood Sports Centre. You will need to either bring your own padlock or purchase one from the sports centre for £4.


These are effectively tickets to the festival so please keep them safe.